Looking for Hot Singles #4

Danielle Bellas – ‘Starship’ The soothing sounds of 90s R&B have been missing from the airwaves for far too long, but Danielle Bellas’ debut single, ‘Starship’, reclaims that lost era. Revealing a natural talent, Bellas’ lucid yet determined vocals are a testament to her story. Upping sticks from London to Sydney in order to pursue … Continue reading Looking for Hot Singles #4

Looking For Hot Singles, #2

Rivet City – ‘The Watcher’ Rivet City don’t fanny about. From the second ‘The Watcher’ crashes through the protective layering of your headphones with a quick-cut drum roll you’re hooked. With an irresistible groove to its rhythm, the slightly off-beat accented downstroke of the rhythm guitar, coupled with a violently pulled bass note, makes your … Continue reading Looking For Hot Singles, #2