Hello & welcome to the home of pointless thoughts! My name is Robbie Cairns and I am currently studying a Masters in American Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds. When I’m not studying about time, death, and race in America, I am an editor at Leeds’ student newspaper, The Gryphon. And when I’m not writing irrelevant articles about music or the latest films, I’m writing irrelevant blog posts. Bliss.

Here at Pointless Thoughts, I aim (weekly/monthly/whenever-I-am-not-suffocating-under-a-mountain-of-uni-workly) to write essay-based discussions about relevant things in popular culture, hopefully looking through a unique, or pointless, lens. As much as possible, I’ll try to share some of the groovy music, whether through reviews or compilations, which has inspired my pointless thoughts. Either way, I hope you find some interest in my ramblings, and that in the end it may not all be utterly pointless.

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