Looking For Hot Singles #5

NYNA SilenceNYNA – ‘Silence’

Sometimes songs barely scratch the surface of our listening subconscious. Sometimes songs offer only a shallow foot-hold at best. And sometimes, songs infect you so deeply that they invert the boundaries, and place you far below the surface. NYNA’s second single ‘Silence’ belongs to that latter category, as its rolling drum beat and swelling sound effects submerge you in a pool of treacle, unable to swim to the ray of sunlight piercing through from above.

‘Silence’ is dark pop, sweet but brooding all at the same magnificent time. It’s a Peppermint Schnapp that bites back, a literal cherry bomb, a toothy French kiss from a sweet-selling shark. And it sounds so damn good.

NYNA’s huksy voice could obscure even the most serene view, as her vocals stretch to either side of your ear drums during the chorus and leave you suspended in the desolating space between. But it’s an addictive vocal riff, serving only to make you want even more of that poisonous sherbet NYNA so liberally provides.

With plenty of background instruments and quality production elements going on, ‘Silence’ maintains your utmost attention throughout, descending into an unexpected yet controlled madness at its conclusion.

NYNA’s debut EP is out later this year, and if this all-too-temporary taste is anything to go by, it promises to be something special.

Robert Cairns

[Image Credit for Cover Photo: 1883 Magazine]


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