Looking For Hot Singles, #3

Glass Peaks – ‘Hold Me Closer’
HOld Me CLoser smallerAs the calendar steadily marches towards the haunting mists of Halloween, Glass Peaks have released a track that is as oppressive as it is withheld. The melancholic alt-pop group from Kent, who have been creating a huge buzz in indie circles for quite some time now, match the ghostly season with a dark, menacing, and noisy single. A real trick-or-treat.

The power here is in its simple yet hypnotic riff, which reappears in the form of distorted guitar snaps, more precise pentatonic strings, and piercing, synthesised keyboard notes. Glass Peaks are happy to leave you suspended in the dissonance that their coupling of punchy bass lines, hi-hat led drum beats and murky pedal notes creates. The deep and brooding vocals are retracted and balanced, each word marked with a poet’s diction and a drill sergeant’s fierce spit. But this doesn’t make the single inaccessible. It’s as if the band found some idyllic beach somewhere in the South of England, set it all on fire, pissed on it until the embers ran cold, and then created some form of dystopian art in the ashes.

Glass Peaks

‘Hold Me Closer’ holds you down with an atmosphere that buzzes, unstoppable, around your brain. It presses and presses until something cracks about a minute and half way through. And it is after this first chorus that the song really comes into its own. The second verse section that fades out the background noise provides a false sense of security for the awesome build-up section that is about to come. It’s something you’d expect from an already well-established band, and something that has to be seen live to properly appreciate what Glass Peaks can do with it. It has all the markings of something special.

Glass Peaks may well say they’re “dancing on a sheet of glass”, but in truth it sounds more like they’re dancing somewhere where the light hasn’t touched for years.

Robert Cairns

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