Looking For Hot Singles, #2

Rivet City – ‘The Watcher’

The Watcher

Rivet City don’t fanny about. From the second ‘The Watcher’ crashes through the protective layering of your headphones with a quick-cut drum roll you’re hooked. With an irresistible groove to its rhythm, the slightly off-beat accented downstroke of the rhythm guitar, coupled with a violently pulled bass note, makes your elbows pop and your back arch to every single bar. Smartly produced, with cleverly structured fade-ins and outs, there’s a hidden yet essential discipline to the apparently restless single; a calculated ferocity that maintains an electric vibrancy throughout, especially in the sweet weeps of its slick guitar riff. This allows the song to transition seamlessly into the chorus, where Jake Breeze’s vocals truly come into play. With a catchy melody line that lends itself to the heady, fast-paced lyrics that make Rivet City stand out amongst their Mancunian peers, the chorus all but confirms what you’ve known from the start: that ‘The Watcher’ is an unquestionably solid stepping stone in Rivet City’s glowing progression.

And all propped up on a sturdy bassline that refuses to ruminate on any single string for more than a single beat, ‘The Watcher’ will have your repeat button working overtime.

Reckless Jacks – ‘Right Here Right Now’

Restless Jacks“A young indie-pop rock band with an old soul”, Reckless Jacks make a good impression with their second single, ‘Right Here Right Now’. With a nostalgic Rock and Roll sound reminiscent of U2 and Simple Minds, Reckless Jacks build their ballad not on the back of clunky guitar chords, but intricate melody-driven riffs. Coming together from four different corners of Europe, Matt, Magnus, Cece and Dan discovered each other in London, and infused their music with the distinct charm that this split sense of home inevitably brings. Yet, despite this unique cultural blend, ‘Right Here Right Now’ sounds remarkably familiar. Harking back to a distant era, Reckless Jacks give life to that slow, emotion-driven, delicate but powerful genre of music.

It is perhaps a little too reliant on its chorus, but nevertheless its simple hook catches you with ease and gets you singing along within seconds.

Robert Cairns


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