Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue #3

* [Disclaimer] ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’ is a desperate attempt to show that my musical palette isn’t as bland as a chino-wearing yacht owner from Norfolk called Keith eating a plate of couscous with a biodegradable knife and fork that he bought in a 2 for 1 special at ASDA while watching a highlight reel of ‘The 80s Greatest Quiz Show Moments’ in his fully carpeted, decadent bungalow in Slough. Please enjoy this week’s selection of (hopefully) great music. *

Something Old – Sam Cooke ‘Since I Met You Baby’

Possibly one of the sexiest songs ever recorded, Sam Cooke’s ‘Since I Met You Baby’ is all shades of suave and sensual. The only thing more seductive than the provocative horns that swing into place right from the off is the transcendent vocals of Cooke that immediately overpower them. When you listen to this song, it’s like you’re transported to a 1950s American high school prom, dancing the jive with the homecoming queen. It’s classy sex bottled up into a three-minute prescription of ‘Fuck Yes’, the kind of song that could make two complete strangers fall in love at first sight.

Something New – Anderson .Paak ‘The Season/Carry Me’

The feeling I got when I first heard Anderson .Paak was remarkably similar to the feeling I had when my next door neighbours left their trampoline unattended for two weeks: joy, but with a slight hint of danger. Since Paak seems to make an appearance every five songs on my Spotify discover playlist, the multi-talented singer/rapper/drummer/producer from California has pretty much been the soundtrack to my 2017. For some reason, I still haven’t actually sat down and listened to his debut album Malibu in full, but if the rest of it is anything like ‘The Season/Carry Me’ then good-god will it be worth the wait. Beginning with an aggressive opening hook, the song suddenly transitions into a chilled-out funk fest, with the interplay between the warbling bass and simple four-note guitar riff providing the perfect backdrop for Paak’s morphine-like flow.

Something Borrowed – Roosevelt ‘Teardrops’

Womack & Womack got ‘Teardrops’ pretty much spot on first time round, but under the guiding hands of Roosevelt, the 80s classic has been given a new lease of life. Imagine everything good about the 80s rolled up into a musical ball and allowing said sphere to bounce around the inside of your head all day long: that is this song in a nutshell. Slightly sped up, and with sharper percussion and washier synth sections, Roosevelt’s cover of ‘Teardrops’ is instantly addictive. A hip-shaker, a toe-tapper, and a head-bobber, no part of your body is immune to this song’s delightful groove.

Something Blue – Miles Davis ‘Blue in Green’

According to Arthurian legend, Quincy Jones listens to Kind of Blue every day, and when you expose yourself to ‘Blue in Green’, it isn’t hard to see why. It’s as if Miles Davis’ trumpet doesn’t play notes but pure human emotion, as the freedom of his improvisation achieves a brutally honest manifestation of heartbreak. Slowed down to a lumbering snail’s pace, Davis’ sextet just get everything right, and even though it is all practically made up on the spot, every note is perfect. It’s simultaneously utterly gut-wrenching yet undeniably rejuvenating. It spans both the break and the heal, and it genuinely changes you after listening.

Robert Cairns


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